Tips on how to prevent a dog bite from occurring.

In many instances, the victim of a dog bite has no control over an attack.  Some dogs are provoked by circumstances beyond our or our families control.  There are sometimes no warnings or clues an attack will occur.  

Other times there may be subtle clues a dog is about to bite or attack.  While it is never the fault of the victim, unless there is trespassing,  torment or deliberate antagonizing of the dog,  if a dog bite can be prevented, that is always the best scenario.  

Here are some suggestions from the ASPCA on how to prevent dog bites. For more information, visit

  • After you receive permission to pet a dog, let her sniff your closed hand. Then, you may proceed to pet her shoulders or chest. Avoid petting the top of the dog’s head.
  • Don’t touch a dog who is sleeping, eating or chewing a toy. Respect her space, as startled dogs are more likely to bite.
  • Avoid dogs who are barking or growling. It is also best to steer clear of dogs who are loose, behind a fence or tied up.
  • If an unknown dog approaches you, stay quiet and still. Try not to run or make noise.


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